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An unincorporated association of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.
Bro. Melvin T. Hargrett, Basileus
Omega's First Graduate Chapter - Established August 17, 1920
Verified Merchant Seal

83rd Tenth District Convention

The Tenth District Executive Team made the decision to cancel the in-person 83rd Tenth District Convention due to the impact the COVID-19 virus has had on our nation. The District has now developed a plan to allow the brotherhood to attend the meeting virtually. The meeting will be held

Saturday, April 18, 2020 from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm CST

Information outlining the details related to the Virtual 83rd Tenth District Convention, as well as explaining cancellation refunds and other important issues can be found by

June 13th - 3pm until 8pm



Iota Chapter Scholarship
April 1st

Iota Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. is pleased to invite you to take part in the chapter’s annual Iota Chapter Scholarship competition. As an historically Black Greek-letter fraternity - the first founded at a historically Black college or university - we select Black males as scholarship recipients from high schools across Chicago, based on their academic performance, activity in the community and personal character. Each scholar receives a $2,000.00 cash award.
We look forward to awarding more deserving students in 2020 as we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of our chapter!

Apply TODAY! Competition closes April 1, 2020 with the possibility this deadline may be extended...

2020 Iota Chapter Scholarship Application


Chapter Basileus Bro. Melvin Hargrett, Ed.D. (L), presents the well-deserved award to IL State Rep and Iota Chapter's Immediate Past Basileus, Bro. Rick Williams



2019 Iota Chapter
Citizen of the Year Award

Iota Chapter Basileus Bro. Melvin Hargrett, Ed.D.(L), along with Community and Civic Affairs Committee Chairman Bro. Eric Davis (R), presents the award to

Mr. Frank Brim
Founding Director - Garfield Park Little League



Past Basileus Breakfast & Fellowship
February 8, 2020

Iota Chapter is Omega's first graduate Chapter founded on August 17, 1920... and the Brothers in Iota will be celebrating the chapter's 100 Year Centennial throughout 2020.

To help commemorate the Centennial, several monthly events have been planned during the year leading up to the Centennial Weekend activities this August.

The photos show attendees at the first: Past Basileus Breakfast - which is one of two planned events for past Iota Chapter Basilei (Presidents) to meet for breakfast.

l-r: Dennis Anderson (2009-11); Fulton Nolen (1974-75); Melvin Hargrett (current Basileus); Rick Williams (2016-19); Andre Garner (2007-09); Melvin Slater (1997-99); Kenny Coles (1995-97); Greg Jackson (2011-13); George Henton - seated (2015-16).

In the first photo seated to the right of Bro. Henton is Bro. Ed Junkins, a past winner in the Annual Taste of Omega competition and our breakfast host... and owner of The Good Life Soul Food Cafe located 11142 S. Halsted Street in the Morgan Park/ Mount Vernon community.

February 29, 2020

Brothers from Iota Chapter as well as from any of the Chicago-area chapters are invited and encouraged to come out to enjoy a meal while having a rich learning experience of Omega in Chicago over the decades from past Iota Chapter Basilei.

An interesting note is that the oldest-known past Basileus of the chapter is Bro. Byron Legardy (1966-67) and he is still an active member of the chapter and recognized as a Golden Bridge Builder! Bro. Fulton Nolen is also recognized as a Golden Bridge Builder with Bro. Bruce Montgomery scheduled for installation on his 50 Years in 2021.

Seated: Ron Fowler (1972-73); Row 2 (l-r): Ron Wright (2003-05; Dennis Anderson (2009-11); Dwayne Digby (1982-83); Rick Williams (2016-19); Melvin Slater (2997-99); Fulton Nolen (1974-75); Bruce Montgomery, Centennial Committee Chairman; Row 3 (l-r): Melvin Hargrett (current Basileus); Kenny Coles (1995-97); Angelo Chavers (1973-74); Andre Garner (2007-09).

In the first photo standing in the rear on the left with the black cap is Bro. H. John Ball, first Basileus of Chi Lambda Lambda Chapter in Matteson, IL from 2005-07. He is currently the Tenth District Rules Committee Chairman.


Chapters of the Fraternity celebrating
100 Year Centennials in 2020!

Kappa Chapter (1920)

Kappa Chapter shares somewhat of a similar story as Iota Chapter. Kappa was founded at West Virginia State Collegiate Institute in 1920. However, less than a year later was inactive - with the Chapter name being reassigned to Syracuse/Colgate Universities on February 18, 1922. The Brothers at Syracuse will be celebrating their centennial based on the original Charter date of Kappa (1920) recognizing its full history.

As an aside, theoretically, the Brothers at Theta Psi (which is West Virginia State University) could make a case for claiming their centennial in 2020 as well since its roots started in 1920.

Lambda Chapter (November 1920)

Lambda Chapter shares a similar path as Kappa but with a twist. Lambda was established in Norfolk, VA in November 1920 as Omega's second graduate Chapter. For decades the Brothers in what is now Lambda Omega have claimed they were the first graduate Chapter in Omega which is not true. They can claim to be Omega's oldest graduate Chapter established with graduate members... but not the first. Iota in Chicago has that distinction.

When the convention "Omega" was designated for graduate Chapters in 1922, Lambda became Lambda Omega and the designation of Lambda was reassigned to the University of Southern California on May 3, 1923. So technically, both Lambda Omega and Lambda Chapters could celebrate centennials in 2020.


Iota Centennial Logo

The Next Scheduled Chapter Zoom Teleconference:
April 24, 2020 - 7pm
Check EMAIL for login credentials

We usually meet the 2nd Friday of each month from 7pm until 9pm. Brothers are encouraged to attend chapter meetings to fellowship, get informed, get involved 
and become financial. Iota Chapter is one of 4 graduate chapters in Chicago that comprise the "Chicago Ques". Links to each chapter's websites are below. We hope your chapter of choice is Iota, but every Brother is encouraged to choose a chapter home and become financial! As a member of the Fraternity you took an oath, and you have a responsibility as a member to be financial... and only financial membership has it's privileges!
"Excuses are tools of the incompetent, used to build bridges to nowhere and monuments of nothingness"

*** Fellowship immediately follows each meeting ***


Sigma Omega Chapter
Established October 1, 1923
Bro. Jesse L. Mathews III, Basileus

Rho Gamma Gamma Chapter
Established March 1, 1987
Bro.  Robert "Tony" Harris, Basileus
Rho Mu Mu Chapter
Established September 6, 2011
Bro. Jason Poindexter, Basileus

There are 6 additional graduate chapters of the Fraternity in the Chicago Metro Area. Brothers are encouraged to make contact if their location is more convenient.

Rho Tau - Gurnee
Established 1961
Bro. William C. King, Basileus

Chi Lambda Lambda - Matteson
Established December 7, 2004
Bro. Fred Arnold, Basileus
Nu Pi - Joliet
Established March 9, 1974
Bro. Kevin Iverson, Basileus

Theta Kappa Kappa - Evanston
Established 2010
Bro. Dennis M. Oglesby, Basileus
Mu Xi - Glen Ellyn
Established March 11, 1977
Bro. Daryl Hopkins, Basileus

Omicron Mu Mu - Lansing
Established September 6, 2011
Bro. Ricky Washington, Basileus

Epsilon Eta - Chicago State University
Established February 18, 1975
Bro. Akeem Williams, Basileus



June 2019 Direct Scholarship Winners
Ms. A. Anderson -  Morgan Park HS $2K
Ms. A. Garner - Lindblom HS $2K
Mr. J. Powell - Walter Payton HS $2K
Ms. M. Savage -  Gwendolyn Brooks HS $2K
Ms. A. Wright -  Lindblom HS $2K

December 2019 High School Essay Contest Winners

Mr. J. Greene - Kenwood HS - $250
Ms. J. Richardson-  Kenwood HS $150
Ms. J. Green -  Lindblom HS -  $100

April 2019 10th District VREM Award
April 2019 10th District "Buy Omega" Campaign Award

Class of  April 2019 Golden Bridge Builders
Bro.  Charles Rowan
Bro.  Wilbur Pelt

$800 in "On the Spot" CPS Science Fair Awards
Byron J. Legardy
2019 Male Uplift Scholarship Winners
I. Kirkendall - $2K
T. Madison - $2K

Mr. Frank Brim
Founding Director - Garfield Park Little League

Bro. Ricardo A. Williams

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2019 Back to School Backpacks

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

1. Third in a series on, "Who Was First?" - Click here: FRAT NEWS.
2. One hundred seventy-nine (179) new Oracle's added with publication dates between 1922 and 2017 - Click here: Document Library in the IHQ folder.
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