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An unincorporated association of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.
Bro. Melvin T. Hargrett, Ed.D., Basileus
Omega's First Graduate Chapter - Established August 17, 1920
Verified Merchant Seal

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The Lineage of Iota Chapter

The list of Brothers initiated into the Fraternity through Iota Chapter is long and distinguished, and includes true giants at the top of their fields and in every endeavour in life. High honor and respect is deserved here for a few, who from a Fraternity or City of Chicago perspective, their achievements warrant the need for special recognition.

Note: Those Brothers whose names appear in purple, signifies Omega Chapter.

August 17, 1920
Bro. H. A. Warner
Bro. George D. Brooks
Initial Charter Line for Iota Chapter when first established in Atlantic City, NJ as a graduate chapter (Omega's first)

December 1923
Bro. Willard S. Townsend
Initial Charter Line for Iota Chapter when transferred and established in Chicago, IL as an undergraduate chapter

Bro. Julian Drayton
Bro. McKinley Evans
Bro. H. K. Lewis


THE 1920's

December 19, 1924
Bro. Alonzo Mercer

THE 1930's

May 24, 1930
Bro. George Trevan

June 1, 1930
Bro. Oliver F. Hightower

February 10, 1934
Bro. Everett White, Sr. - Basileus, Sigma Omega Chapter

April 22, 1934
Bro. J. Polk Hightower

December 19, 1934
Bro. Julian Browne
Bro. John A. Desuze
Bro. James Phinnie
Bro. Franklin P. Smith
Bro. Norman Smith
Bro. Harry Stone
Bro. Lewis P. Williams
Bro. Harry W. Woodson

March 9, 1936
Bro. F. H. Washington

April 29, 1936
Bro. C. P. Williams

July 12, 1938
Bro. John Tetus
Bro. Maurice Woodson

October 3, 1938
Bro. William McKinnis

October 30, 1938
Bro. Louis Williams

November 21, 1938
Bro. Carl Mickey
Bro. Wade Powell

December 4, 1938
Bro. Cordelle L. Ford

December 19, 1938
Bro. Washington Fields
Bro. Charles Lumpkins
Bro. Charlie Morrow
Bro. Wendell Washington

April 4, 1939
Bro. Neal J. Hickman
THE 1940's

March 4, 1940
Bro. Cyril J. Valentine
Bro. Carl Watson
Bro. Wade H. Watson, Sr.

May 27, 1940
Bro. Phillip A. Summers

June 12, 1940
Bro. William M. Furrow

July 9, 1940
Bro. Clifford L. Ward

July 22, 1940
Bro. Charles L. Buckley
Bro. Charles I. Davis

October 31, 1940
Bro. Bubbie J. Rutledge

August 18, 1941
Bro. Claybourne Norris

December 8, 1941
Bro. Charles Coleman

April 20, 1942
Bro. George Marshall

June 12, 1942
Bro. Bush Wheeler

June 4, 1943
Bro. J. L. Ford
Bro. Campbell C. Johnson

May 18, 1945
Bro. Howard Mason

November 23, 1945
Bro. H. J. Harris

December 14, 1946
Bro. Rushton B. Millen

February 4, 1947
Bro. Carter A. McGee
Bro. Elmer W. McLain

March 27, 1947
Bro. James E. Pittman
Bro. Marcus A. Quarles
Bro. Felix Wilson
Bro. Benoite Wimp

April 21, 1947
Bro. Clarence E. Myers

April 28, 1947
Bro. Wilford I. Bonner

August 20, 1947
Hon. Bro. Marion Winston Garnett - 29th Grand Basileus, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity 1973-1976
Bro. Norman G. Kerr
Bro. James A. Page
Bro. Alrom Weaver

November 13, 1947
Bro. Ira H. Coleman

January 20, 1948
Bro. Victor Charles
Bro. Robert F. Jones
Bro. Charles M. Skyler

April 29, 1948
Bro. William R. Bonner
Bro. Millard A. Hughes
Bro. James A. Keane
Bro. Aurelius Miles
Bro. Lester Morton
Bro. James Norman
Bro. D. Adolphus Rivers
Bro. Booker Washington
Bro. James P. Williams

November 22, 1948
Bro. Henry Alexander

December 23, 1948
Bro. Edwin J. Fizer
Bro. Sanford G. Neal - Commander, Chicago Police Department

December 30, 1948
Bro. Thaddeus E. Rowe

THE 1950's

March 14, 1950
Bro. Tony Peyton
Bro. Irving M. Ward

April 28, 1950
Bro. Chester T. Burr
Bro. John W. Butts
Bro. James Harris

February 1, 1951
Bro. William J. Trent

May 6, 1954
Bro. Henry Stinson
Initiated as part of the effort to reactivate Iota Chapter

January 2, 1956
Bro. James C. Curry
Initiated as part of the effort to reactivate Iota Chapter

February 22, 1956
Bro. Leon Walker
Initiated as part of the effort to reactivate Iota Chapter

February 25, 1956
Bro. James W. Oldham
Initiated as part of the effort to reactivate Iota Chapter

June 8, 1956
Bro. Abraham L. Reynolds, III - Basileus, Sigma Omega Chapter; 10th District Representative 
Initiated as part of the effort to reactivate Iota Chapter

November 3, 1956
Bro. Dewey R. Jones
Bro. Jerry T. Jones
Bro. Carl Lamarr

Line Initiated as part of the effort to reactivate Iota Chapter

December 2, 1956
Bro. Clifford F. Jackson
Initiated as part of the effort to reactivate Iota Chapter

May 18, 1957
Bro. Elbert L. Ford
Bro. Clarence Hanna
Line initiated as part of the effort to reactivate Iota Chapter

October 12, 1957
Bro. Fredrick Gay
Bro. Bobby L. Roper
Line i
nitiated as part of the effort to reactivate Iota Chapter

May 17, 1958
Bro. James Davidson
Bro. Theodore Davis, Sr. - Basileus, Sigma Omega Chapter
Bro. Clarence A. Ford
Bro. Irving Gay
Bro. Frank N. Jones
Bro. Jesse Moore
First line initiated by the newly reactivated Iota Chapter, redesignated as a Chicago city-wide chapter

December 4, 1958
Bro. Carl G. Durham

April 2, 1959
Bro. Elmer J. Tolmarie

May 1, 1959
Bro. Kenneth R. Lowery

May 15, 1959
Bro. Gregory W. Elliott

October 31, 1959
Bro. James Alexander
Bro. Herman Harris
Bro. Roy D. McBain
Bro. John Moore, III- Basileus, Sigma Omega Chapter
THE 1960's

March 5, 1960
Bro. William Guy, Jr.
Bro. Leroy Portis, Jr.

Bro. Robert Rutherford
Bro. Roger Salter
Bro. Ch
arles Williams
Bro. James Williams

August 13, 1960
Bro. Willie Hasson
Bro. James Ruffins
Bro. William Sims

December 17, 1960
Bro. Ronald Madere
Bro. Chester Shelby
Bro. Grady Thomas
Bro. John T. Wolfe

July 8, 1961
Bro. George H. Eddings, Sr.
Bro. James Mayfield
Bro. Robert R. Powe

October 28, 1961
Bro. Walter Braud
Bro. Larry E. King
Bro. Herman Lancaster
Bro. Anton G. Lites
Bro. Allen B. Morton
Bro. Benson Woods

February 17, 1962
Bro. Robert Caldwell

June 16, 1962
Bro. Marvin W. Gray
Bro. Charles Phillips

August 31, 1962
Bro. James Sledge
Bro. James H. Turk

February 23, 1963
Bro. Oscar H. Brown
Bro. Robert Mobley

March 7, 1964
Bro. Henry A. Heard
Bro. Victor A. Parker

August 8, 1964
Bro. James K. Grissett

Match 6, 1965
Bro. Porter Stewart
Bro. Samuel S. Taylor

September 3, 1965
Bro. Byron Legardy
Bro. Ezell Miles

January 28, 1967
Bro. Michael T. Nelson
Bro. Daniel "Danny" Thomas - 10th District Representative (Only undergraduate DR)
Bro. William Thompson
Bro. Stephen Towns
Bro. Ronald L. Woods

May 18, 1968
Bro. Joseph Graves
Bro. Jerome R. Guinn
Bro. Gregory K. Spears

August 24, 1968
Bro. Julius Alexander
Bro. Willie Carter
Bro. Ernest Coleman
Bro. Robert Collins
Bro. Phillip Cooper
Bro. Arthur Downer
Bro. Samuel Harvard
Bro. Edward Helm

Bro. Donald Hilbring - Commander, Chicago Police Department
Bro. William Jenkins
Bro. Lornold W. Moore
Bro. Fulton Nolen
Bro. Steven Scott
Bro. Ronald Shumpert
Bro. George T. Sims
Bro. Samuel Taylor
Bro. James West
Bro. Edgar Wiley

October 25, 1968
Bro. Caesar L. Gant

March 11, 1969
Bro. Fred A. Avendorph
Bro. Stephen Lewis
Bro. Carlton Lowe
Bro. Donald T. Muirhead
Bro. Howard Parker

March 15, 1969
Bro. John Barnes
Bro. Charles Browne
Bro. Angelo Chavers
Bro. James DaFoe
Bro. Darwin S. Finley

Bro. Curlee Hicks
Bro. Tris Kemp
Bro. James McFall
Bro. Stephen E. Mitchell
Bro. Barry Monegain
Bro. Wilbur P. Pelt

Bro. Michael Penn
Bro. Abraham Thomas
Bro. Andrew Watkins
Bro. Tyrell Williams

September 6, 1969
Bro. Michael A. Boose
Bro. Dennis Butler
Bro. Stephen Pamon
Bro. Charles Rowan
Bro. Anthony Stringer
Bro. Samuel Steward
Bro. John W. Tate

November 12, 1969
Bro. Robert J. Isom

November 22, 1969
Bro. Garry Carter
Bro. Richard L. Guy
Bro. Dartanyon Hardiman
Bro. Jesse D. Jenkins
Bro. Antonio I. Lawrence
Bro. Henry L. Medley
Bro. Mark T. Moore
Bro. Elbert B. Shaw
Bro. William L. White
Bro. Brian D. Williams
THE 1970's

July 25, 1970
Bro. Charles Cannon
Bro. Nathaniel Cook
Bro. Dwight Harris

Bro. WIllis C. Hatter
Bro. Frederick Layne
Bro. Robert Mitchell
Bro. Maurice W. Moore

September 19, 1970
Bro. Andrew L. Carlisle
Bro. Rene V. Flowers
Bro. Joe L. Williams

April 10, 1971
Bro. Allan B. Cabaniss - 10th District Credentials Committee Chairman
Bro. William Davis

Bro. Lavelle Graves
Bro. Curtis N. Green
Bro. Frederick D. Howard
Bro. Walter Luke

Bro. Michael Parham - Undergraduate/Intermediate Representative to the Supreme Council
Bro. Bernard Ray
Bro. Charles J. Reed
Bro. Willie Roberts
Bro. Stanley Thomas
Bro. Alan C. Williams
Bro. Eric Woodard
Bro. Obie LeFlore, Sr

September 25, 1971
Bro. Namon Barnett
Bro. George A. Drew
Bro. Kevin Grant
Bro. Donald Jones
Bro. Richard C. Keller, Jr. - 10th District Chaplain
Bro. Bruce Montgomery

Bro. Ronald Preston
Bro. Charles R. Tarr

Bro. William T. Fowler
Bro. Kenneth Green
Bro. Clarence E. Pearson

April 8, 1972
Bro. Rovon Butler

April 29, 1974
Bro. Allen Edge

March 26, 1977
Bro. Willie A. "Billy" Rivers, Jr.

June 18, 1977
Bro. Robert E. "Sly" Garrett

February 5, 1978
Bro. Duane Porter

May 26, 1978
Bro. Howard Chapman
Bro. Adrian Jackson

June 29, 1979
Bro. Donald L. Applewhite

THE 1980's

October 31, 1981
Bro. Darren Brown
Bro. Kent Bumpers
Bro. Dwayne Digby
Bro. Jeffery McKamey
Bro. Frank Simmons
Bro. Frederick Simmons
Bro. Melvin M. Slater Sr - 10th District African American Life & History Committee Chairman

This was the only line initiated in the decade of the 80's
THE 1990's

December 31, 1994
Bro. Thomas L. Neal

August 29, 1997
Bro. Lloyd Acklin, Jr.
Bro. Antonio Burton
Bro. Eddie Greenleaf
Bro. Darryl Pugh

Bro. Waltham Sanford
Bro. Deryk Thomas
First line initiated after the reactivation and redesignation as a graduate chapter

THE 2000's

January 13, 2000
Bro. Ronald Wright

April 4, 2003
Bro. Irvin Ashford
Bro. Melvin Hargrett
Bro. Alvin Jones
Bro. Michael Jones
Bro. Jermaine Sampson
Bro. Jamael Sanford

April 9, 2004
Bro. Samuel Austin
Bro. Wayne Conley
Bro. Jorestes Weatherly
Bro. John Webb

June 17, 2005
Bro. Darryl Bogard, Sr.
Bro. JaMaris Ealy
Bro. Gregory Jackson
Bro. Leonard Langston, Jr.
Bro. Joe Lewis, Jr.
Bro. Stanley Stearns
Bro. Brian Wilson

November 1, 2006
Bro. Babajide Sobamowo

July 18, 2009
Bro. Aaron Brown
Bro. Christopher Gregory
Bro. Rodney Falls
Bro. Loren Jackson
Bro. Clayton Harris, III

December 5, 2009
Bro. James Williams, Jr.
Initiated as part of the effort to reactivate Epsilon Eta Chapter, Chicago State University

THE 2010's

February 20, 2010
Bro. Marcus Hunter
Initiated as part of the effort to reactivate Epsilon Eta Chapter, Chicago State University

July 3, 2010
Bro. Olukolade Adelabi
Bro. Marcus Calloway
Bro. Patrick Grant
Bro. Ivan Lee, II
Bro. Alexander Stovall

Initiated as part of the effort to reactivate Epsilon Eta Chapter, Chicago State University

July 22, 2011
Bro. Whitney Burns
Bro. Terry Drake, Jr.
Bro. Clinton Fox, Jr.
Bro. Joseph Jackson
Bro. Andre Tillman
Bro. Edward Witherspoon, Jr

Initiated as part of the effort to reactivate Epsilon Eta Chapter, Chicago State University

March 28, 2015
Bro. Marco Johnson, Jr.
Bro. Socrates Mabry
Bro. Chike Osude

December 14, 2016
Bro. Leverette Bryant
Bro. Eric Davis
Bro. Brendan Francis
Bro. Eric Fullilove
Bro. Michael Meeks
Bro. Eric Wiley

November 16, 2017
Bro. John Bradley
Bro. Kelvin Coffie

April 10, 2019
Bro. Edward Evans, Jr.
Bro. Forrest Robinson