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An unincorporated affiliate chapter of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.
Bro. Ricardo A. Williams, Basileus
Established August 17, 1920

T A S T E   O F   O M E G A
J u n e   2,   2 0 1 9

Universal Entertainment Center
11901 S. Loomis Street
2pm until 7pm. Tasting starts promptly at 3pm!

A limited number of Early Bird tickets at 1/3 off regular price are AVAILABLE NOW! 
Click the Iota Chapter Store link to the left, or on your smartphone's Menu link. For other purchase options, email us at !!

*** ATTENTION: Graduating Seniors From All City Of Chicago High Schools ***
The 2019 Iota Chapter Scholarships are available! Click the
Public Documents folder under the Documents tab to download the application. Make sure to Complete and Return your application by April 1, 2019

Talent Hunt Flyer 2019


Wide Founders
Iota Chapter Ques meet the 2nd Friday of each month from 7pm until 9pm 

 University of ChicagoCobb Lecture Hall, Room 319 5811 S. Ellis Ave. Chicago, IL 60637

Brothers are encouraged to attend chapter meetings to fellowship, get informed, get involved 
and become financial. Iota Chapter is one of 4 graduate chapters in Chicago that comprise the "Chicago Ques". Links to each chapter's websites are below. We hope your chapter of choice is Iota, but every Brother is encouraged to choose a chapter home and become financial! As a member of the Fraternity you took an oath, and you have a responsibility as a member to be financial - and only financial membership has privileges!
"Excuses are tools of the incompetent, used to build bridges to nowhere and monuments of nothingness"


Sigma Omega Chapter
Established October 1, 1923
Bro. Theodore "Chip" Davis, Basileus

Rho Gamma Gamma Chapter
Established March 1, 1987
Bro. Tony Harris, Basileus
Rho Mu Mu Chapter
Established September 6, 2011
Bro. Terrance Lang, Basileus

There are 6 additional graduate chapters of the Fraternity in the Chicago Metro Area. Brothers are encouraged to make contact if their location is more convenient.

Rho Tau - Gurnee
Established 1961
Bro. Jerome Cole, Basileus

Chi Lambda Lambda - Matteson
Established December 7, 2004
Bro. Fred Arnold, Basileus
Nu Pi - Joliet
Established March 9, 1974
Bro. Kevin Iverson, Basileus

Theta Kappa Kappa - Evanston
Established 2010
Bro. Rev. Dennis M. Oglesby, Basileus
Mu Xi - Glen Ellyn
Established March 11, 1977
Bro. Gene Robinson, Basileus

Omicron Mu Mu - Lansing
Established September 6, 2011
Bro. David Lee, Basileus

Epsilon Eta - Chicago State University
Established February 18, 1975
Bro. Akeem Williams, Basileus


C         O         N         G         R         A         T         U         L         A         T         I         O         N         S :

High School Essay Contest Winners

Ms. J. McCarty - Kenwood Academy HS
1st Place and $250.00!
Her essay entry will be submitted to represent Iota Chapter at the Tenth District Convention in Madison, WI in April 2019

Ms. J. Brown - Lindblom Math and Science Academy
2nd Place and $150.00!
Mr. A. Jones, Jr. - Lindblom Math and Science Academy
3rd Place and $100.00!

2018 Social Action Chapter of the Year
Bro.  Fulton Nolen, Jr. 
Golden Bridge Builder
More than $10,000 in cash Scholarships

Chicagoland Ques Joint Founders Banquet
Hosted by Iota Chapter

Mr. Perry Gunn, Executive Director
Teamwork Englewood
Bro. Kenneth E. Coles

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Upcoming Events