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An unincorporated affiliate chapter of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.
Bro. Ricardo A. Williams, Basileus
Omega's First Graduate Chapter - Established August 17, 1920

Below is a rendering of the Taste Chef Registration Form and what is required from each chef to complete the form available here:
 Taste 2019 Chef Registration.

Contact Information - In this section of the form provide your contact information which helps us in building your Profile.



Street Address


City, State, ZIP Code


Home Phone


Cell Phone


E-Mail Address


Chef’s Training

Chefs that received a food handling certification for the State of Illinois in 2017 or after are not required to take the 2-hour class and pass the certification exam for 2019.  Any chefs that have not completed the certification class and passed the exam will need to register for the class (administered online) before registering as a chef for this year’s Taste of Omega! Please contact Chef’s coordinator Andre Garner for clarification or further details at (773) 562-8874.

Cooking Categories

This year’s Taste of Omega will consist of dishes prepared by our Taste Chefs in three categories.  When you complete the registration form you must check all the categories of dishes you plan to enter.  Also, you will need to indicate the name or general description of the dish(es) you plan to enter.  Please note that you will be asked to detail the recipes or main ingredients for each dish entered at a later date.



Dish Description/Name: ________________________________________________________


Dish Description/Name: ________________________________________________________


Dish Description/Name: ________________________________________________________


Dish Description/Name: ________________________________________________________


Dish Description/Name: ________________________________________________________


Dish Description/Name: ________________________________________________________

Donations & Chef Jackets 

Iota Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity thanks you for your generous commitment to participate in the 2019 Taste of Omega. We have planned an exciting and enjoyable schedule of activities and events leading up to and including the Annual Taste of Omega on Sunday, June 2, 2019. As a participant in the 2019 Class of Taste of Omega Chefs, we ask that you commit to furthering our efforts to raise money for college scholarships by contributing a modest donation of $15.

Each registered chef will receive two guest tickets for the 2019 Taste of Omega.

All chefs will wear a limited edition, one-of-a-kind keepsake Taste of Omega Purple Chef’s Jacket.
For chef’s that do not have one of our Chef’s Jackets, the fee for ordering one is an additional $15.


Chef’s jacket sizes are: S  M  L  1XL  2XL  3XL  4XL & 5XL