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Omega's First Graduate Chapter - Established August 11, 1920



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On Thursday, August 18, 2022, and Thursday, August 25, 2022, Iota Chapter put their money where their hearts are by supporting black students in Chicago’s Roseland (Cullen Elementary) and Auburn Gresham (Oglesby Elementary) neighborhoods respectively by providing students with school bags stuffed with school supplies, personalized words of encouragement, a commemorative $2 bill to remind them of their unique capabilities of being scholars, and a much needed assortment school necessities. Cullen Elementary is a neighborhood school with a strong emphasis on language arts, math, and technology. Cullen is located in the far southside Roseland community in Chicago. Richard J. Oglesby Elementary is a dual program neighborhood school which means they have traditional and Montessori learning paths. Oglesby is located in the black community of Auburn Gresham on Chicago’s southside.


Although the COVID-19 pandemic has somewhat subsided, its influence is obviously still affecting both schools, students, and families. Mrs. Covington (Oglesby teacher) stated, “Many of the parents didn’t know what they were going to do to get school supplies for their children, but the Ques came through as always! Cullen Asst. Principal Arthurine Beaugard, Counselor Rachel Lampley, and Math Teacher Joyce Davis collectively expressed, “We knew we could count on Omega again!”


The following Omega men not only were on hand to deliver the school supplies, but took time to intentionally meet and share advice with the students and parents: Bros. Andre Garner, Rick Williams, Eddie Morrow, Jeff McKamey, Melvin M. Slater (Scholarship Chairman), Sr., Bas. Socrates Mabry (Basileus), Kam Buckner, Jeff McKamey, Dr. Leverette Bryant, Jamaal Applewhite, Lee Jones, Charles Rowan, and Dr. Melvin Hargrett, EdD.

One parent could be overheard telling her son, “You’re going to grow up to be one of them!”


Pictured: Bros. Andre Garner, Lee Jones, Jamaal Applewhite, Socrates Mabry (Basileus), Rick Williams, Charles Rowan, Dr. Melvin Hargrett, Eddie Morrow, Jeff McKamey, and Melvin M. Slater, Sr. (Scholarship Chairman).
Pictured: Bro. Socrates Mabry (Basileus), Cullen Elementary student and mom, and Bro. Melvin M. Slater, Sr. (Scholarship Chairman).
 Pictured: Bro. Eddie Morrow, Bro. Kam Buckner, Bro. Jeff McKamey, Bro. Socrates Mabry (Basileus), Bro. Lee Jones, Bro. Andre Garner, Cullen Math Teacher Joyce Davis, Bro. Jamaal Applewhite, Bro. Rick Williams, Cullen Counselor Rachel Lampley, Bro. Charles Rowan, Cullen Asst. Principal Arthurine Beaugard, Bro. Dr. Leverette Bryant, Bro. Dr. Melvin Hargrett, and Bro. Melvin M. Slater, Sr. (Scholarship Chairman).

           2022 OglesbyE1            

Pictured: Bro. Melvin M. Slater, Sr. (Scholarship Chairman), Bro. Dr. Melvin Hargrett, Bro. Lee Jones, Bro. Jeff McKamey, Oglesby Elementary Teacher Lashun Covington, Bro. Eddie Morrow, Bro. Andre Garner, and Bro. Jamaal Applewhite.

2022 OglesbyE2
Pictured: Bro. Melvin M. Slater, Sr. (Scholarship Chairman), Bro. Dr. Melvin Hargrett, Bro. Lee Jones, Bro. Jeff McKamey, Bro. Eddie Morrow, Bro. Andre Garner, and Bro. Jamaal Applewhite.

 2022 Scholarship Recipients

Pictured: (Front row, l. to r.)  Bro. Socrates Mabry (Basileus), Glenford Flowers (Goode HS), Isaiah Isaac (Von Steuben HS), Thomas Spaulding (Phillips HS), Joseph Spaulding (King HS), Damani Jamerson (Lindblom HS), and Bro. Melvin M. Slater, Sr. (Scholarship Comm. Chairman); (Back row, l. to r.) Bros. Eric Wiley, Dr. Melvin Hargrett, Ed.D., Rev. Dr. Leverette Bryant, Rick Williams, Eddie Morrow, Byron Legardy, and Jamaal Applewhite.

On Thursday, June 16, 2022, Iota Chapter recognized and honored five outstanding young black men as their 2022 scholarship recipients during their annual scholarship presentation. The chapter has provided scholarships to deserving black students annually ($10,000 in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022) since being re-chartered as a graduate chapter in 1995. Each student’s dream of going to college has become a reality with Iota’s scholarship to assist with their educational journey to a better life. Iota Chapter conducted an abbreviated 2022 Scholarship Awards program outside on the front steps of the historic DuSable Museum of African American History on Chicago’s southside.


The Iota Chapter Scholarship Committee (Brothers Melvin M. Slater, Sr. - Chairman, Byron Legardy, Joe Lewis, Jr., and Rick Williams) selected the following five black young men from Chicago high schools that are seniors to receive $2,000 each in scholarships based on their academic achievements and aspirations for higher education:


Joseph Spaulding: King HS graduate; attending Truman State University in the Fall of 2022 to major in Computer Engineering;

Thomas Spaulding: Phillips HS graduate; attending Truman State University in the Fall of 2022 to major in Sports Management;

Isaiah Isaac: Von Steuben HS graduate; attending Howard University in the Fall of 2022 to major in Education;

Glenford Flowers: Goode HS graduate; attending Howard University in the Fall of 2022 to major in Political Science;

Damani Jamerson: Lindblom HS graduate; attending Illinois State University in the Fall of 2022 to major in Biochemistry.

The scholarship awards program included a rousing prayer by Bro. Rev. Dr. Leverette Bryant, introductions, words of wisdom and support, presentation of scholarships, and photos. Bro. Slater declared that “we are indeed in the company of the world’s future industry leaders: leaders of producing the next generation of computers, sports ownership, educating the future, policymakers, and solvers of biological problems”. Brothers provided their college(s), degree(s), career(s), and contact information in order to mentor and better position and support our recipients for success. Each recipient was asked to contact the chapter at the beginning of the semester and periodically follow up with their progress as well as if they find themselves in need. The chapter will also follow up with each recipient. This year Iota’s scholarships were primarily supported by the chapter’s comedy night fundraiser headlined by one of Omega’s very own. “We’re looking forward to our next fundraiser to send more young black men to college!” stated the Basileus Bro. Socrates Mabry.



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2022 Iota Chapter  2K Scholarship Recipients
Mr. J. Spaulding - ML King HS
Mr. T. Spaulding - Wendell Phillips HS
Mr. I. Isaac -  Von Steuben HS
Mr. G. Flowers -  Sarah E. Goode HS
Mr. D. Jamerson -  Lindblom HS
2022  High School Essay Contest Winners

1st Place - Mr. Quincy Fields
Whitney Young

2nd Place - Mr. Tyler Tharpe
Whitney Young HS

3rd Place - Mr. Melvin Slater, Jr.
Lindblom HS

Golden Bridge Builders
Class of  2021 
Bro. Richard C. Keller, Jr. - Iota '71
Bro.  Bruce E. Montgomery - Iota '71
Mr. Charles Moss


Bro. Eddie Morrow



The chapter initiated a book club-type "Read & Discuss" forum called Oracle Sessions.

Sessions will be held periodically on Wednesday evening. To be respectful of time, each session will review a single issue of The Oracle and last up to ONE HOUR. The discussion will cover the entirety of the issue, in an effort to bring focus to fraternal education & brotherhood building. Every session is moderated. DIscussions on any particular issue may extend into a following session depending on topics being discussed in the issue. Sessions may be repeated due to circumstance or by request.

Login credentials to all sessions will be provided to each chapter member through an email invitation. Participation is optional, but encouraged.Brothers are asked to read the issue before the issue is discussed in order to have a more robust discussion about the information in the issue.

Check the Queversaries & Events calenda
r below for Oracle Session dates, issue to be discussed and thumbnail descriptions of the issue.

The next session is not yet scheduled!
WEDNESDAY'S IN 2023 - 7pm

Next discussion is a continuation on the May 1924 edition of The Oracle

IOTA CHAPTER'S Oracle Zoom Sessions are open to all  FRATERNITY Brothers. Email login requests to:


Iota Chapter Ques

Next Chapter Meeting
Friday May 12th - 7pm

First Timothy Missionary Baptist Church
5533 S. Wentworth Street
Chicago, IL 60621

Contact for scheduled Zoom meeting access

We usually meet the 2nd Friday of each month from 7pm until 9pm. Brothers are encouraged to attend chapter meetings to get informed, get involved, become financial and to enjoy fellowship before and after the meetings. Iota Chapter is one of 4 graduate and 1 undergraduate chapters within the city of Chicago. Links to each chapter's websites (if available) are below. We hope your chapter of choice is Iota, but every Brother is encouraged to choose a chapter home and become financial! As a member of the Fraternity you took an oath, and you have a responsibility as a member to be financial... and only financial membership has it's privileges! Remember...
"excuses are tools of the incompetent, used to build bridges to nowhere and monuments of nothingness"

...or get financial with any chapter of the Chicago Ques

Sigma Omega Chapter
Established October 1, 1923
Bro. Calvin Watson, Basileus
Rho Gamma Gamma Chapter
Established March 1, 1987
Bro.  Michael Singletary, Basileus
Rho Mu Mu Chapter
Established September 6, 2011
Bro. Dagogo Obomanu, Basileus

Epsilon Eta Chapter
Chicago State University
Established February 18, 1975
Bro. Garrett Neal, Basileus

Sigma Epsilon Chapter
Roosevelt University

Established April 29, 1948
Relocated to Barber-Scotia College on December 7, 1968
Kappa Mu Chapter
University of Illinois at Chicago

Established March 27, 1983

Additional graduate chapters of the Fraternity in the Metro Area. Brothers are encouraged to make contact if their location is more convenient:

Rho Tau - Gurnee
Established 1961
Bro. Marvin Burruss, Basileus

Chi Lambda Lambda - Matteson
Established December 7, 2004

Bro. Rashad Nuruddin, Basileus
Nu Pi - Joliet
Established March 9, 1974
Bro. Jerome Nesbary, Basileus

Theta Kappa Kappa - Evanston
Established August 19, 1995
Bro. Hank Allen, Basileus
Mu Xi - Glen Ellyn
Established March 11, 1977
Bro. Robert Robinson, Basileus

Omicron Mu Mu - Lansing
Established September 6, 2011
Bro. Rickey Washington, Basileus



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